All Facts and Fables about the Female Libido

Women can not become horny spontaneously, oysters get you horny and all redheads have a steaming sex life: the female libido consists of the necessary larva. These are the facts and fables.

Fact: Most Women Do Not have a Spontaneous Libido

According to psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, libido is a primal urge. A kind of hunger, but then to sex instead of eating. This drive keeps the survival of mankind safe, he reasoned about a hundred years ago. After all, if there were not any regular spontaneous need for a seesaw in us, we would not produce enough offspring as a species and we would die out.

Mass, scientists think now. To start with: libido does not look like hunger at all. If you do not eat, you die, but without sex, you can become very old. Moreover, according to sexologist Emily Nagoski recently in the magazine NewScientist, we now know that sex does not just fall from the sky. In only ten to twenty percent of women, spontaneous horniness is the most important starting signal for sex (in men about seventy percent). The rest of the ladies must have what scientists call ‘responsive desire’: your libido pops in if you end up in a sexy situation. Only when you kiss gently in your neck do you think: ooh, from buttock on the kitchen table is a good idea. In this way, libido is more an emotion than a drift. It is also the reason that sexologists often say: you must make sense. If you do not belong to those ten to twenty percent horny-from-the-nothing women, you can wait for your libido without the right incentives until you weigh one of us.

Myth: Oysters are Good for Your Libido

There are substances in oysters that can stimulate the sexual appetite, some scientists think. For example, the shellfish contain zinc, which in theory can improve blood flow – also down under. And there are two amino acids in which rats in a lab sometimes produce more sex hormones, which in theory could lead to more sexual activity. Yet the relationship between these substances and libido appears to be intractable in practice. If only because, in order to feel an effect, you have to outwit a half beach of oysters. And to completely spoil the party: the feeling that you ate too much is a proven libido killer.

Fact: A sexy stranger is more exciting than your husband

An unknown man, type Idris Elba, who pushes you against the wall of an alley and tears the clothes off your body. He longs for you and he finds you so horny and beautiful that he can no longer control himself. Such scenarios are presented by psychologist and sex researcher Marta Meana to the women in her lab. And count on yes that both their cat and their brain responds to it. Another scenario, in which women make love with an old friend or with the partner with whom they have been together for ten years, can only moderate the feelings under moderate circumstances.

According to Meana’s research, this is because women get a lot of horniness from the idea that a lover wants them intensely. That is why many women – an estimated 60%  – fantasize about sex where they are brutally overwhelmed by a stranger. In most long relationships, however, such all-consuming passion is often hard to find. Studies show that women tend to become spontaneously horny less and less often as a relationship progresses. Which does not mean that they no longer have libido; it should only be awakened in a professional manner. Which according to sexuologists, incidentally, is not bad when you close your eyes during the mini-game and pretend you are standing in an alley with a bloody Idris Elba.

Myth: Red-haired Women have more Sense

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Blondes have more fun, but redheads have more sex. At least, if we have to believe sex researcher Werner Habermehl. In 2006 he came in the news with a survey of hundreds of German women, their hair color, and their sex life. He did not say anything about his research method, but he wanted to share this with a British newspaper: “The sex life of women with red hair was clearly more active than that of women with a different hair color, with more partners and more sex than the average. The research shows that the fiery redhead certainly lives up to her reputation. “For guys in a steady relationship with a woman who suddenly dyes her locks red, he had a warning:” She is looking for something better. “

As a result of Habermehl’s research journalists speculated about the cause of this passionate connection. Would red-haired women have a lust for their DNA? Or is it true that men approach them differently because they already take into account the stereotype of the indomitable redhead? According to psychologist Petra Boynton, we should first ask ourselves whether Habermehl’s conclusions are correct. She is skeptical because the German never published his results in a scientific journal and remains vague about the details of his research. Moreover, there are no other studies that confirm his findings. Her conclusion: this news was probably good news for hairdressers, but bad science.

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