A Beautiful Skin in 7 Days – 1 Week Skin Tips

The perfect complexion … Who does not dream about that now? Give yourself a week to end the summer in beauty and make a new start with good habits.


Time for a water hour! We all know it: moisture is very important for beautiful skin. Yet we almost all drink too little water. But from today, that’s over! Take the habit of drinking a large glass of water every time you walk along the counter and always have a bottle of water in your bag. Another advantage is that you can then leave the soda and coffee.


Continue with the water, but in addition, you will now also use oil to keep your facial skin in top shape. Apricot kernel oil makes the facial skin supple and moisturizes the skin. Massage every morning and evening, instead of a day cream, gives a beautiful skin, thanks to vitamin A and E. And you do not have to worry about shiny skin: apricot kernel oil quickly absorbs and is not greasy.


Buy a good sunscreen, essential to protect the skin against the UV rays. Would you rather not have wrinkles and flabby skin? Do not save on the fun factor. A pale skin is also fashionable. So you have no excuse …


Pamper yourself with a facial cleansing and treatment at the beautician. Ideal for relaxing and you will feel like taking care of your body to the last detail.


Look at your food with a critical eye. Fat and sweet food promotes the development of pimples and impurities. For a perfect skin, you better choose a lot of fruit, vegetables, and good oil.

vegetables for your friend


Take a makeup break. After cleansing your face in the morning, apply a day cream and let your skin breathe throughout the day.


Today you take the time to apply a mask that is suitable for your skin type: a cleansing mask for oily skin, tightening for the mature skin, moisturizing for the dry or sensitive skin.

And at the end of the week … you take the good intention to keep these good habits full! If you go on all year round, you have the best chances to have the perfect skin that you’ve always dreamed of.

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