9 Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Laser Treatment

If you like to have shaved legs, you may be tired of shaving your legs again, even if you have just shaved them just three days ago. It may also be that you have considered growing your hairs legs, but then you know the hair should grow even longer, which you may not be able to overdo if you need short shorts on …
This is where laser treatment comes into the picture as it may be the way for you to avoid the troubled phase of scratchy hair!

Laser Treatment


We have collected nine things that you will need to know before you need your first laser treatment.

1. Do Not Be In The Sun Before Your Treatment

It’s not because you can not be outside. But if you choose to be outside, it is important that you are covered in the areas where you need your laser treatment. You should avoid too much sun for about four weeks until treatment. It’s because you’re not getting a laser treatment if you’re sunburned or have a nice tan.

So if you know you’re going to live on the beach in the summer, you might want to stick to a scratch or wax. You can always try a laser treatment when it’s autumn or winter to see if it’s something for you.

2. Do Not Grow Your Hair Before

One thing that matters is that you can not get a treatment if you come in with long hair on your body. Having said that, you should not grow your hair either. If you’re in doubt when you’re going to shave, it’s actually okay to do it the day before your laser treatment.

3. Laser Treatment Has More Than One Advantage

If you bump into ingrown or irritating hair, it may be a good idea to get a laser treatment. A laser treatment gives you a smooth skin.

One reason why you get a nice skin is that such a treatment makes your hair grow straight out and not in all sorts of directions – it’s worth considering!

4. Order Multiple Times

If you want to remove all your hair on your body, it’s very important that you order several times. You can and must not remove all the hairs at once. You do not have to, since your body can only handle a certain amount of rays. So start with what you prefer to remove.

5. Do Not Make A “Ross”

Yes, as you said, you should avoid being hit by the sun’s rays, but you should also avoid the self-burner. Yep, you heard right. So just sit down on the couch, put a good series on (or ten) and enjoy life to the fullest – without getting sun or self-trembling, like unfortunate Ross.

6. Some Hair And Skin Types May Be Harder To Treat

One of the easiest hair types to treat are the dark hair. The laser goes in and hits the hair’s pigment. It is therefore easier to treat the dark hair as they are clear to see – and that is why gray, blonde and red pigments can be harder to treat. If in doubt, you can always contact your beauty clinic to find out if they are having trouble.

7. You Must Be Patient

It’s easy to see a difference if you grow or shave the hairs on your body, but it takes a little longer if you get a laser treatment. It takes about two to three weeks after your first treatment before you can see a difference. And it will most likely take 8-12 times before, you can see the final result.

8. You Might Need To Change Your Skin Care And Makeup Routine

It’s basically about having a healthy skin care routine . If you are using scrubs or creams containing retinol, it is important that you do not use them two days before and after you have received your laser treatment. In addition, it is also best if you avoid chemical products two weeks before and after.

Always ask for what you need to do after treatment at the beauty clinic you received the laser treatment.

7. Do Not Take Fitness After Laser Treatment

Even though you may want a good start at the fitness center , it is very important that you do not go away. Because it does not mean that you get it hotter than necessary after your laser treatment. This means that you should avoid taking a fitness, in the spa or taking a hot bath for at least 24 hours. You manage to create a warm environment where bacteria will love you – for example, you might get a lot of pimples. Hmmm, that does not sound so cool …

8. You Do Not Lie For Several Hours During Laser Treatment

Getting a laser treatment does not take 100 years, as many may go and think. They can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. And that also means that you and your therapist can even talk about the process.

9. Is It Worth It?

Overall, it is. It’s very different how long it takes to shave or get a new time later (it’s very individual). For someone, it may take up to two months and other less or more time.

So maybe you can start off the next season, see if it’s something for you, and you’ll see how long you can go without having to think about shaving your legs soon.

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