7 Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster – Things You Can Do Right Now

Growing your hair can be frustrating. Most women’s hair only grows about 15 cm a year, although your genes also play a role. External factors that can make your hair grow slowly are strict diets – causing too few nutrients to reach the roots – and tension, which can lead to brittle hair that grows very slowly and even starts to fall prematurely. But do not put your hands in your hair!

Here are 7 tips that will help you keep your hair healthy so it grows faster.

Look Out For Hair Care Products With Caffeine

Your hair roots need a lot of energy for your hair to grow. Hair care products with caffeine can make a difference because it stimulates the hair roots for better hair growth and helps prevent hair loss.

Try Your Hair To Be Less Washable

It gives your natural oils the chance to feed the entire hair length that prevents splitting marks (which you have to cut later). Use a dry shampoo between wash days to keep your hair fresh.

Never Forget About The Refurbisher

A good refurbisher seals the entire hair length so that moisture and nutrients do not escape. It also reduces the chance of dry split ends that you are going to have to cut off. If you are worried about your hair that becomes easily oily, remember, you do not need to use a hairdryer. Only use it on the lower part of your hair, which is drier.

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Treat Your Hair Weekly

Invest in a hair mask that puts back essential fatty acids and nutrients in your hair. A nutrition mask one or even twice a week can do wonders for your hair.

Brush Your Hair Regularly

If you brush your hair regularly, stimulate blood circulation to your scalp. Better blood circulation causes more oxygen and nutrients to go to your hair follicles. This nourishes your hair roots and promotes healthy hair growth.

Tips – Use a brush tooth comb to polish your wet hair instead of an ordinary hairbrush. It pulls less on your hair so it does not break.

Dry Your Hair Straight

When you rub your wet hair after a wash dry with a towel, the hairpins (the outer part of your hair lying down like scales) lie roughly and unevenly. It damages your hair and leaves it cake. With the towel, push the water out of your hair without throwing your head upside down. Hair chairs that lie smoothly are stronger and shiny because they reflect light.

Feed Your Hair From The Inside

Feed your hair from the inside by eating protein-rich foods and seeds. Your hair consists mainly of keratin, a kind of protein, which can be supplemented by protein-rich foods like eggs, lentils, Greek yogurt, and legumes. Flax and chicory contain essential fatty acids like omega 3 that stimulate blood circulation to your scalp for healthy hair growth.

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