10 Nutrition Tips for Healthy, Strong and Shiny Hair

Healthy hair does not only depend on the care products you use. Nutrition full of minerals and vitamins is your golden ticket to healthy, strong and shiny hair. 10 NUTRITION TIPS FOR HEALTHY, STRONG AND SHINY HAIR

By Eating the following products varied, you give your hair a Big Boost:


fillet Salmon fillet contains omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, and iron. It ensures a healthy scalp.

Green Vegetables

vegetables for your friend

Vitamins A and C need your body to produce sebum. Sebum is a natural conditioner for your hair.


Brown and black beans are an important part of a healthy heart diet. Beans are rich in iron, zinc, and biotin. Biotin improves hair condition and helps with baldness and gray hair.


Selenium keeps the scalp healthy and is one of the best sources of Brazil nut. Walnuts contain fatty acids that help to feed your hair.


Chicken and turkey are rich in protein and iron and help against brittle hair. A serious shortage of proteins can lead to loss of hair color.



Eggs contain protein, biotin and Vitamin B12. Eggs are one of the best protein bombs you can find.


This seafood is full of Zinc, a powerful antioxidant. Do not panic if you do not get oysters. You can also get zinc from beef or lamb.


Indispensable nutrients in the hearth diet are products such as multigrain Bread or corn flakes with a healthy dose of zinc, iron and Vitamin B.


Essential for shiny hair is enough Vitamin A. Vitamin A contributes to a healthy scalp. For sufficient Vitamin A, you can choose among other things carrots.

Skimmed Milk

Products Dairy products stimulate hair growth due to the large amount of calcium. Hair that quickly breaks lacks protein. Note; with an abundance of certain supplements such as vitamin A you can cause hair loss.

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