10 Natural Solutions To Treat Gynecomastia – Best Overview!

It is not necessarily mandatory to resort to surgery to reduce your breasts, you can turn to natural solutions to fight against gynecomastia. Excessive development of the male breast is the result of hormonal imbalance. A large breast in a man is a fairly common pain in adolescents, but sometimes it continues once the person has reached adulthood.

When we talk about gynecomastia, we often attribute this to hormonal imbalance, but that’s not the only cause. Male breast development can result from side effects related to medication, poor diet, alcohol abuse, kidney failure, obesity, or exposure of the person to pollutants or toxic chemicals.


Although Gynecomastia is not life-threatening, it is embarrassing. Fortunately, there are effective ways to reduce the size of a man’s chest without spending a lot of money. If you thought that the only solution was to go through the surgery stage, rest assured, you can do without it by following these tips:

vegetables for your friend

Today – List Of Foods That Can Reduce Men’S Breasts


With a preference for mackerel, tuna, and salmon because they have high omega 3 fatty acids. By eating fish regularly, the level of estrogen present in your body will decrease and your testosterone levels will take over.

Tuna, mackerel, and salmon are the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 fatty acid is also found in dietary supplements based on fish oil. Refer to the product labels for the correct dosage.

Green Tea

koutea green tea

The benefits of green tea are well established. It is a natural antioxidant that improves blood circulation and also promotes weight loss. It is this last argument that makes him become an important ally in your goal of reducing your man boobs.

Drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day for optimal results
If you are taking dietary supplements with green tea, please take between 100 and 750 mg daily


Turmeric is one of the most powerful natural remedies for solving a problem of gynecomastia because this spice directly stimulates your testosterone level. Turmeric, also known as Indian saffron, is good for your other organs but is really beneficial in your case, it will be effective in reducing the size of your chest.

Milk Thistle

Thistle is more commonly associated with the treatment of alcohol-related liver disease. It is an ingredient that is used for the treatment of viral hepatitis and against alcoholic cirrhosis. It is also an effective remedy for gynecomastia because of the presence of silymarin.

Add a teaspoon of crushed milk thistle in 3 glasses of water
Let the mixture boil for 20 minutes
Drink a glass twice a day


Dandelion is an herb that is also used to solve men’s breast reduction problems. It is a plant that is known for its antioxidant qualities (it eliminates toxins in our urine). Not only will dandelion eliminate the toxins present in your body, but it will remove excess estrogen and body fat.

Prepare a container filled with hot water, then add a teaspoon of dandelion leaves
Let the leaves marinate for 10 minutes. Drink this mixture 3 times a day, to see the beneficial effects on the size of your chest.

Ginger Root Tea

Natural medicine prescribes drinking tea with ginger root to relieve nausea, but also to prevent motion sickness. But it’s good to know that ginger root tea is great for reducing breasts in men. In just a few months, you will lose your breasts and ginger will naturally stimulate your metabolism.

Boil water and place ginger (fresh and grated) in
Cover and let soak for 2 minutes
Filter and serve a cup

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt)

Magnesium Sulfate is used extensively in alternative medicine for its detoxifying virtues. However, be careful not to use it if you have high blood pressure or cardiovascular problems. Epsom Salt will detoxify you and rid you of unwanted pounds and excess fat in the chest.

Pour a few glasses of magnesium sulfate into your bathtub
Then take a bath for 15 minutes each day


Passionflower also is known as passion flower is a weight ally in the list of natural remedies for man’s gynecomastia. Indeed, this flower contains chrysin, which is a substance that greatly increases your level of testosterone.

Simply mix one teaspoon of passionflower (dried) in a cup of boiling water and mix it like tea.
Then drink this passionflower-based tea several times a day


Cordyceps is a kind of mushroom that has a number of health benefits. Among them, we note the strengthening of the immune system or the slowing down of aging. However, Cordyceps can do more than that, and then reduce body fat, so it can reduce male breasts.

For best results, you can use Cordyceps as tea leaves. Boil some water and throw the dried Cordyceps in the water.
Let it simmer for a few hours before drinking tea. Be careful, this remedy has a rather bitter taste.


Flax seeds are rich in lignans, phenolic compounds, which will naturally reduce the level of estrogen in your body. Flax seeds like fish are filled with omega 3 fatty acids that increase your level of testosterone.

Infuse broken flax seeds in warm water. Drink the beverage several times a day.
You can also add flax seeds to your bread, muffins or salad, for example. You can also eat flax seeds, watching your favorite TV series and you will see your chest shrink.

Other Tips and Suggestions:

The 10 natural solutions against gynecomastia that you have presented above are effective, but they take time to see the first effects. Depending on the severity of your gynecomastia, you have to wait several weeks or even months to get significant results. In the meantime, you can try the following tips to reduce the size of your breasts.

Add zinc to your diet. Zinc is known as a natural stimulant, the latter stimulates the production of testosterone in your body. Zinc is available as a dietary supplement, but you can also eat it in lobster, eight and seafood.

Normally men’s breasts should not hurt, however, if they do, apply a cold compress on the painful area. If it has swelling and pain, the cold compress will soothe the nerve cells and you will feel a calming of the pain. Always wrap the ice cubes in a towel so that the ice does not come into direct contact with the skin to avoid burns.

Eat fruits and vegetables, everyone tells you, but it’s really effective. They are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, they burn body fat, including those in your chest. The best fruits and vegetables to fight gynecomastia are spinach, celery, papaya, tomato, apples, and berries.

Exercise! Gynecomastia is caused by low testosterone levels. One way to change this is to do regular physical exercise. Do not focus only on upper body exercises, you will get better results if you train your whole body.
The most effective exercises are push-ups, crunches and my squats. You should also add a small amount of bodybuilding and more to develop your muscles. To have a real effectiveness of this training, I invite you to perform the exercises 4 times a week for 25 minutes. If you can do 30 minutes, for 5 days it’s even better.


Do not limit yourself to the exercises that I advise you, if your passion is swimming, rowing, cycling, etc … do yourself a favor. The most important thing is to move. As long as your body is active, your body will burn fat and regulate its level of hormones.

Latest Prevention Tips

Having a chest for a man is very unpleasant, but as this guide shows, there are many ways to deal with these problems. As it is better to prevent than to cure, here are some tips for prevention not to aggravate your gynecomastia.

Do not drink too much alcohol, This makes your liver work excessively and can make your problem worse.
No draconian diet, indeed, it may aggravate the situation and you risk eating a lot more once you have resumed normal nutrition. Instead, eat better by incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Avoid fatty foods and sweets.
Go for organic food because they are more effective in burning fat.
Do not just target a loose fat in your chest, Realize a global approach to losing fat. Muscle yourself rather than dry up, you will reduce the risk of relapse.

If you are complexed by your gynecomastia, here are some dress tips. Do not wear shirts with vertical stripes as this accentuates your chest. Wear dark colored shirts, not necessarily black, but rather dark shades. Avoid colored shirts that are too tight to prevent it from opening at your chest. You can orient yourself on patterned shirts if you know how to assume them. Prefer ties, bow ties to hide the openings of your shirt between the buttons.


If you are looking for a solution to your gynecomastia, you have discovered many natural treatments that are inexpensive and effective. What are the most effective solutions presented? It just depends on you because all of its solutions have already been proven to work. It’s your turn!

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